How To Increase Height

You are frustrated by the things you have tried to grow taller and wish it was easier. Simply put, this website makes it easy. We give you step-by-step directions that actually work in naturally enhancing the body nature has already given you. It does not matter what age you are, these simple tools with give you the knowledge to transform your life.

We want to make this information available to everyone, so they too can see these incredible results. For a limited time, the “free download PDF files” are on the website so that you can straighten your posture, increase your bone density, and stretch out your muscles to the full potential they already have.

Start immediately and add those life-altering inches to your height so that you can walk into a room with confidence!


Vitamins are what the cells in the body use to maintain life and grow. If you are lacking the vitamins discussed below, it could be stopping you from growing taller to your full potential.

You cannot increase your height without proper Vitamin A (retinol, carotene). This vitamin is what promotes growth and strong bones. Not only that but eating carrots, a common source, will make you look better. You can skip the beauty treatments and instead have naturally healthier skin, hair and teeth.

Vitamin B1
is another nutrient that promotes growth but also aids in the prevention of nervous disorders. Adding rice and whole wheat to the diet is an easy way to reach the 100 to 300 mg recommended daily value. Vitamin K (Menadione) aids in proper blood clotting and preventing internal bleeding. A recommended dose of 300 mcg is adequate.

Vitamin E is a powerful nutrient that has a variety of functions. It is necessary for your body to maintain skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle. This fat-soluble antioxidant helps the red blood cells supply oxygen, instrumental in endurance related activity. It helps prevent and destroy blood clots and has a positive effect on immune health. Wheat germ, eggs, leafy greens, and broccoli are great sources to ensure that the daily value of 200 to 1000 IU per day is met.


Just like your body needs to eat, sleeping is essential to maintaining your health. How much sleep the person next to you requires is different from yourself. Yet most healthy adults need from seven and a half to nine hours of sleep to achieve optimal performance. A simple way to tell if you are getting enough is to have a mental checklist.

If you feel groggy and lethargic for most of the day, start allotting more time to sleep and you’ll start having energy to face the day.

Most people recognize the importance of sleep for mental sharpness, emotional health and productivity. What they don’t realize is that how you sleep is just as important as getting enough sleep. Good posture while you sleep improves your height. The spine must be placed in the most natural position possible. Most people choose one of the four possible sleeping positions: lying on the left, right side, back and front.

If you are guilty of sleeping on your stomach, you need to stop immediately. By lying on your stomach, you are exerting pressure on joints that are on the back of your spine. The best position, to optimize height increase is to sleep in a fetal position: on your side, curled up with your knees drawn up. What this does is supports the natural position of your spine. A curved spine takes away inches from your height.

How do you know if your mattress is correct?
Recline your back onto the mattress and your spine should not curve. A too soft mattress will curve your body forward, with your midsection sinking in. A mattress that is too firm, will keep your shoulders and hips painfully straight, not going along with the natural curve that you have. A mattresses lifespan is only 10-15 years, so an old mattress could also be blocking you from reaching the height that you dream of.


Kale is swiftly becoming a new health trend and it’s for good reason. This descendent of wild cabbage is rich in Vitamin A, C, K, calcium and iron. For those watching their weight, a whole cup of this green is only 36 calories with zero fat. Not only is this vegetable packed with the nutrients you need for your height increase, but it prevents arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders. Mix some Kale with lemon juice, garlic, virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and you have a very quick salad.

Fish is a great source of many nutrients, especially Vitamin A. Not only is fish great for growth, but it can be prepared many ways. Impress the people around you with quick recipes for baking, broiling, steaming and grilling your fish. Avoid fried, or sautéed fish as they are harmful for your heart.

Fish has all the good fats that your body needs such as Omega 3/6 and is low in saturated fat. As a warning, be careful when consuming raw (sashimi) and undercooked fish and shellfish as they can carry harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites.


Exercise is monumental in increasing your height. We have laid out step-by-step directions, in easy to follow diagrams in our PDF on how you can start right this minute to improve your height. Numerous medical investigations have studies this phenomenon on growth after puberty. An article in the British Medical Journal revealed that growth may be prematurely stopped in the vertebral bodies (spinal chord) by excessive pressure upon the epiphysial centers (spinal discs). This program tells you exactly how to do this, so you can simply resume your natural growth—no risky surgery needed.


The website has provided invaluable support to make this website informative and helpful for those that are just lacking the tools to get started. Their dedication to research is what has developed this natural, safe and extremely effective option for those that are looking to take control of their appearance.

You are now engaged in the task of trying to profit from what nature gave you– your own body. You can build your bones, stretch your muscles, thicken your joints and straighten your posture to result in inches of height growth. The principles which follow will open the way for your understanding in "how to get taller at any age".


Height Increase Medicine

The majority of height is a hereditary gene. So about 60 - 80% of your DNA will dictate whether you are going to grow up to be a tall blonde Nordic giant or the shorter Texan middle child growing in suburbia USA. That still leaves a portion that can be attributed to the environment. Upwards of 20% might not seem like a whole lot, but just think about the difference adding two inches could make to your frame. Even on top of that 20% you can add what I term the “illusion of height” through clothing.

You may believe this to be a load of croak, but consider how magnetic Tom Cruise is that even 25+ years after Top Gun, the man is still getting the action hero role. Moviegoers (usually droves of women) have to believe that Tom Cruise is capable of dismantling the world threatening weapon, disarming the bad guys and falling in love with the gorgeous heroine in damsel. Non-withstanding the gender stereotypes that Hollywood eschews when writing characters as this is not the space to deconstruct that, we have a simple realization: The short man is attractive.

Hheight increase surgery

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Of course some of this has to do with varying camera angles and perspective, but even in public appearances the man is fawned upon.

So what is his secret? Well partly, it is the resources his millions of dollars net worth has access to. That is unavoidable, but you would be surprised that most of his appeal comes from fairly common rules that you can adopt into your own life, so you can give off this illusion of height.

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Clothing is a tool in your arsenal and frankly the most important one. You can wear monochromatic colors. A monochromatic color scheme is using the same variations of a single color, such as varying tones of grey. This scheme is both classic and elegant (think of a black and white portrait). The colors go well together, and soothe so that there is no dissonance to disrupt the eyes. Most importantly, having one color creates a long uninterrupted line down your body so that you appear visibly taller. This does not mean you have to look like a Russian mafia applicant, wearing black all the time. A charcoal grey, deep blue, brown and even purple for the adventurous are looks to experiment with.

As someone on the shorter end, you might think those extra inches at the end of your leg hem will make you appear taller. False. In fact, the exact opposite occurs. You instead are giving off the impression that your body is melting down into the concrete and opens the possibility that you could get shorter. A tailor is your best friend. Or at least a really good friend, that you only a couple times a year but makes you feel incredible after each meeting. Properly fitted clothes, not only make you appear slimmer but make you look longer. Properly fitted garments, especially in the shoulders will help keep your back straight and eases the urge to slouch.

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Also, skinny ties are no longer the sole property of urban hipsters. In fact, the history of the skinny tie dates back to the end of the 50s when pop icons like the Beatles made them popular. The initial adoption of the skinny ties was purely economical. The narrow ties were called string ties, where after the toll of WW1 the shortages of clothing material made suppliers introduce a lean substitute. So the next time you are suit shopping, pick yourself up a slim tie and consider yourself participating in a rich history. Aesthetically the skinny tie appears edgier but basic visual theory is why this clothing staple makes you appear taller. Art school graduates learn this theory about the principles of drawing but it can be applied to your wardrobe. A long vertical line will make it so your body is read that way, so the eyes draw up and down your body. A wide lapelled suit with a thick tie does the opposite: broadens the shoulders and shortens the frame.

In relation, having stripes in your wardrobe can also affect your overall visual height. You might have already heard a woman talk about how horizontal stripes make her look wider. It would of course be not in your advantage to agree with her, but there is some truth to this advice. The horizontal lines emphasize width but also make height appear to shrink. So unless a wide, short circle is your aesthetic (completely valid by the way) go with a vertical pin-stripe suit. In this vein of line theory and clothing, also do not cuff your pants. If your pants are too long, see the previous point and support your local tailor business. If the pants come already cuffed, just don’t buy them. Unless you are going to a theme party and you need a pair of sailor paints. Even then, resist the urge. What happens is the cuff visually breaks up the ankle and makes the leg seem shorter.

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Wear lighter, less bulky fabrics so that the material does not bunch together. Lighter fabric also follows the natural line of the body, making you appear taller. Any heavy fabric will weigh you down and make it appear as if you are tied to the ground. Pairing these lighter fabrics with a shorter jacket is also a great combination. The shorter jacket gives the illusion that your waistline is higher and thus your legs look longer than they actually are. Also avoid long shirt hems if you are un-tuck your shirt, as the hanging shirt will shorten you.

Finally, although this veers a bit away from clothing, hair is an accessory. Resist the Fabio look and keep your hair relatively short. Short hair leaves your neck and your shoulders exposed. This line of skin will add length to your body. This is why most models are trained to elongate and emphasize their neck, so they appear taller and more ethereal in ad campaigns.


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Height is genetics and environment but that does not mean you cannot work with what you have. All of these tips are not so that you can fake your height, but so that you present it to it’s best visual. That being said, combining this advice with confidence will delete the idea that you are concerned about your height and so others should notice it too. Everybody is short, it all just depends on how you dress it up.